Some common sense of electronic microwave circuit boards

  electronic microwave circuit boardManufacturers believe that the interactive development of component models and CAD software has a long history and is becoming more and more perfect. In practice, we can basically trust the authenticity of the model. However, the application environment considered in the component model (especially the electrical environment of the component application) is a typical value. In most cases, a series of application parameters must be determined by experience, otherwise, in the absence of CAD software, the actual results sometimes even far from the design results. The regular high-frequency basic configuration model established in CAD software is usually limited to the foreseeable aspects under the current application conditions, and can only be limited to the basic functional model.


  electronic microwave circuit boardThe manufacturer thinksThe typical functional model is established by applying components in a typical way, using a typical and perfect process.(including PCB structure) completed, its performance reached a "typical" high level. But in practice, even complete imitation is far from the model state. The reason is that although the selected components and their parameters are the same, the electrical environment in which they are combined is not the same. In low-frequency circuits or digital circuits, this difference is not a big obstacle, but in radio frequency circuits, fatal errors often occur.

  Electronic microwave circuit board manufacturers believeInIn the design of CAD software, the fault-tolerant design of the software does not care whether there is an error parameter setting contrary to the actual situation. So it gives an ideal result according to its software runtime path, which is actually the result of many problems. It can be seen that the key error lies in the correct application of CAD software without using the basic principles of RF circuit design.

 Electronic microwave circuit board manufacturers believe that CAD software is only a design aid. Using its real-time simulation function, powerful component model library and its function generation function, typical application model library, etc., can simplify people's cumbersome design calculations. So far, it is far from being able to replace artificial intelligence in concrete design.

Electronic microwave circuit board manufacturers believe that the powerful function of CAD software in RF PCB-aided design is an important aspect of its popularity. But in practice, many RF engineers are often "calculated" by them ". The reason is also the fault-tolerant nature of its parameter settings. We often use its simulation function to get an ideal model (including various functional links), only to find in the actual debugging, it is better to use their own experience to design. Therefore, CAD software in PCB design is still only beneficial to engineers with basic RF design experience and skills, helping them to engage in cumbersome process design (non-basic principles design).

  electronic microwave circuit boardThe manufacturer thinksNetwork analyzer is divided into scalar and vector, which is an indispensable instrument for RF circuit design. It is common practice to combine basic RF circuit design concepts and principles to complete the circuit andPCB design (or CAD software), complete the PCB sample processing and assembly prototype as required, and then use the network analyzer to analyze the network of each link design one by one, so that the circuit reaches the appropriate state.

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