Analysis on the Market Prospect of Microcrystalline Plate in Microwave Oven

  Microcrystalline plate in microwave ovenAlso known as ceramic glass, is a polycrystalline solid material containing a large number of microcrystalline phase and glass phase produced by controlling the crystallization of specific components of the basic glass in the heating process.


As of June 30, 2020, GlobalMicrocrystalline plate in microwave ovenThere are 36599 patent applications. Among the top ten technology source countries/regions in the world, the United States and Germany rank first and second with 9144 and 7606 respectively, with obvious advantages. Japan (6116 cases) and China (5780 cases) ranked third and fourth respectively. The total number of applications from the top four countries accounted for 78.26 per cent of the total number of applications worldwide. It can be seen that the United States, Germany, Japan and China are the world's major technological innovators.

Microwave oven microcrystalline plate is widely used in high-tech fields because of its variety and excellent performance. Aluminosilicate glass as raw material, precipitated quartz crystal solid solution phase microcrystalline glass, with extremely low thermal expansion coefficient and high light transmittance, has been used in large telescope mirrors, solar cells, optical devices, cooking utensils/tableware, high temperature observation window robots, space shuttles, aerospace, spacecraft, satellites and other aerospace equipment; cordierite microcrystalline glass has excellent dielectric properties, mechanical strength and thermal stability, and has been widely used in integrated circuit boards, radar radomes and other fields. CAS glass ceramics often replace natural stone in the field of architectural decoration because of its high mechanical strength, high gloss, strong corrosion resistance and pattern similar to natural marble.

The marketing of Chinese kitchen appliance brands has begun to shift to lifestyle manufacturing, and the domestic consumption upgrade trend is strong. Therefore, almost all the world's best kitchen appliance products are currently supplied to the Chinese market. Especially with the change of Chinese young people's cooking concept, microwave oven microcrystalline plate cooking has great potential in China. China's consumption upgrade will inevitably bring the upgrade of kitchen space products, consumers are more willing to buy high-quality kitchen appliances. The kitchen will be an expensive area in future home renovations. Compared with gas stoves, induction cookers and induction cookers with glass-ceramic panels have many unique advantages. In addition to being easy to clean, beautiful, and accurate in temperature control, it can also make the entire kitchen space more coordinated and upscale, creating a more diversified eating environment, or social kitchen. These product features are exactly what the post-90s young people need in their family life. Closer to the kitchen of European and American countries. At the same time, with the awakening of market demand, more and more products are used in microcrystalline glass. The application of microcrystalline glass shows a diversified trend, and the research and development and mass production of new products provide more market profit space for microwave oven microcrystalline plates.

China Industrial Research Institute released the "2023-2028 China microcrystalline glass market development forecast and investment strategy analysis report" a total of nine chapters. introduced firstMicrocrystalline plate in microwave ovendefinition, classification, characteristics and market environment. A comprehensive analysis of the technical development and industrial status of the microwave oven microcrystalline plate. Then, the industrial chain of glass-ceramics is introduced concretely. Then it analyzes the operating conditions of key enterprises in the glass-ceramics industry, and then analyzes the investment opportunities, risks and prospects of the glass-ceramics industry.


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